Skittles research uncovered a few interesting facts:
First, not everyone knows that Skittles are fruit flavored.
Second, Skittles loyalists have favorite flavors and they feel a kinship with like-flavored friends.
Third, a full-grown giraffe eats 100 pounds of leaves a day. (The last one didn’t really help us at all, but is interesting nonetheless.)

So, while Skittles asked for 3 print ads, we delivered much, much more with “Skittles Connect” — a program designed to amplify the
fruit-flavored message by fostering favorite flavor connections. Each of the five flavors was given its own flavor ambassador character with a different way to connect. And not just meaningless advertising connections like tweets and Facebook likes. We’re talking intimate, old-school connections like phone calls, faxes, letter-writing, playing video games and even psychic brain waves.  

The campaign was featured in the 2015 Photo annual of Creative Review.

This video explains the whole thing.

Here are the print ads that introduced the five characters, showcasing a different way to connect with each one. 
There's also a bonus image. Guess which one.

Roger, the strawberry Skittles fan, spent 10 days talking on the phone with fans who called
him. Even radio stations called him. 

We partnered with to allow fans to connect with Eunice, the grape Skittles fan,
by playing her in Madden ’16, live. She talked trash with more than 15,000 viewers who
watched her feed each night.

Here are some real faxes that Donald, the lime Skittles fan, received.

Here is a giraffe eating 100 pounds of leaves.

CCO: John Maxham
ECD: Mark Gross
CD/ AD: Alex Zamiar & Brian Board
CD/ WRITER: Jonathan Richman & Chad Broude
DIRECTOR: Luc Shurgers